What do we do?

We offer private, safe spaces for members to make connections, enhance their game development, and discuss the issues they face as a group in the industry. We do this through regular events (feedback nights, social events, etc.) and a Slack workspace.

Why Gameborhood?

The name Gameborhood represents how this is a group within the larger Game Development community, like how a Neighborhood is a localised community within a larger area. We hope that, like a neighborhood, we can provide a sense of belonging and support that is not available elsewhere.

Who can join?

Any person of a marginalized gender, such as women, non-binary folk, etc.

Can I join if I am not in St. Louis?

Yes! We have members from Illinois and Missouri who come to events. In addition, we provide a Slack workspace for group discussion.

Do I have to join to come to events?

Currently, all our events are private. Joining is free, but to get event locations and details you need to sign up.

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